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2020: My Films

 Well, it's over, but its legacy lives on. 2020 was, at its best, a learning its worst; I don't really want to go there. Staying home (from "King o' the Cats"). I used the time to produce lots of animation, learn new skills and expand on existing ones. I continued exploring Cartoon Animator 4 (always thinking outside the box), discovered HitFilm for compositing and effects and expanded my audio abilities with new virtual instruments and plugins for my DAW (Mixcraft 9: this allowed me the ability to again "play" instruments that certain physical limitations had robbed me of in recent years). With some wonderful people on forums and pages dedicated to these programs I had all the support I needed if I got stuck on something.  So, here is what I achieved in this notorious year, filmwise; JANUARY : Two films compiling the previous season of my web series, "22 Bones" , Won a seasonal Best animation award, a semi-finalist position and

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