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Tuesday Musings #24 - The Joys of New Software

Whenever I come up with a concept for a new film or web series episode that has a different visual affect than my usual animation style, I go in search of a program that can deliver my vision. I usually fail miserably and never find what I need, but then my criteria are pretty narrow - it must be fairly easy to learn, not too bulky, be able to get the look I want and not be horribly expensive. I’m not too picky, am I? 😊 Well, I think I found what I need for a new web series concept, and have been playing with it for about three weeks. I’ll report back next week with some screen shots and will actually name the program; I just want to make sure it really does what I think it does before singing its praises any further, but I have to say that I think it’s going to make the grade! ....stay tuned....



Joyfully” has been selected by the World Premiere Film Awards!

(Sorry that this post isn’t in my usual format - I’m blogging on a tiny little device with a tiny little keybo…

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