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Tuesday Musings #20 - Detroit SheTown Film Festival...and other exciting news!

September is turning out to be a busy month for Rusty Bolt/Seat of the Pants (see the monthly calendar in the left menu!). Before I relate my impressions of Detroit SheTown Film Festival, I want to share the news that "Moonflower", which showed at the Hell Chess Film Festival on September 13th in Spain, won the Special Audience Award! So very honoured by this recognition!


This past Sunday (the 15th), I attended the Detroit SheTown Film Festival at Cinema Detroit as they were screening "And She Rode Forth...". It was a wonderful experience! Founders and festival directors Mandy Looney and Mike Madigan were very welcoming and put on a great fest (if Sunday was any indication). Communication leading up to the fest was very thorough and friendly, and exposure on social media really well-managed. Saw some great films in the same block as mine, and the audience seemed very engaged. The Q&A after the block was lively and fun, with lots of questions and insigh…

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